Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finally - Pool Administrator version of March Madness Spreadsheet is up

UPDATE - 03/27/09 8:52 AM CDT: Another bug found! Ugh! The "master" file was not properly updating the results of last night's games. It's fixed now in this update. (Relatively) good news: it only affected the "master" sheet, so you only have to re-input your picks in the master and retype in the filenames, etc. of the individual sheets in the summary page.

UPDATE - 03/22/09: I found a problem with the files. It's not summarizing the regional semifinals round properly. I've worked out the fix and here are the corrected versions of both the freebie individual file and the "master" file.

It's done. It's late. I've tried to debug as much as I could think to. There's a lot new going on behind the scenes, though, so if you run into trouble, just drop me a note. I'll try to help you out.

Download the file. When you open the "master" file, you'll be given a lock code. Email that to me after you PayPal me $3.00, and I'll get you set up.

Good nite,


2009 March Madness Bracket -- Freebie for tracking your own picks I thought I'd get out this before too late tonight.

Here is the free spreadsheet that anyone can use to track his or her own picks versus actual results in the 2009 NCAA basketball tournament.

What I'm still working on is the companion spreadsheet intended for those of us who coordinate the thousands of March Madness office pools. When it's done I'll simply add it into the zipped directory with this file. It'll cost $3.00 to use. If you like you can PayPal me $3.00 now and I'll put you on the list to get the 2009 version as soon as it's ready.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2009 March Madness NCAA Backetball Bracket

The inquiries are piling in now...

Yes. I am doing a new bracket spreadsheet for 2009. I'll probably be working on it again tonight for awhile. You can still find the older versions I've done here:


If you do download an older version, though, please don't ask me to make a bunch of feature changes to it. They're old. I'm working on a new one. If you like you can PayPal me $3.00 now and I'll put you on the list to get the 2009 version as soon as it's ready.

What'll be new in the 2009 version? Well, I'm going to put more focus on those "pool administrators" out there. This version will actually have two companion spreadsheets. The first is for the "pool administrator" where he or she can both set up the points system for each round, track his or her own bracket, as well as those of all the people in there pool. The second will be the bracket file for each of the participants. The "pool administrator" file will be the only one locked down and password protected as it was in prior versions. The other spreadsheet will be available for anyone to download and use.

Oh and if you're an Insiders subscriber, as always, you can get the files for free. Just drop me a note.

More to come...stay tuned...