Sunday, August 14, 2022

2022-23 NFL Pick 'Em Pool Files Are Ready!

Folks, I've completed and released this season's NFL Pick 'Em pool. I actually got this done before too many of you had to pester me! All I had to do to make this year's version from last year's was to update to the 2022-2023 schedule. Seems too easy. I did test the automatic score pulling feature, and it seems to be good, but, as always, just let me know if things don't seem to be working.

Like years past, there's also a companion "Picks" sheet to distribute to pool participants, so they can simply email back the file for the admins to copy-paste into the master sheet. Just remember to always copy, paste special... values when moving their picks into the master sheet, so as to not jack up formatting or other stuff.

Without further ado, here are the files:

Remember, this NFL pick 'em sheet, like the college bowl pool sheet I do, I do for free. That said, if you just _have to_ do something for me for my efforts, feel free to PayPal me whatever you like:

$5.00     $10.00     $25.00     $50.00

Really you just have to change that dollar amount in the URL --

Anyways...please enjoy this year's NFL Pick 'Em. If you encounter a bug or need help with using the sheet, let me know.