Wednesday, September 09, 2015

2015-2016 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

At long last, I've completed this season's NFL Pick 'Em pool. Some of you have diligently been pestering me for weeks now. I am truly sorry to make you wait up to the night before opening game. Truly. That said, I had an ambitious list of new features -- several that have been requested for a few years now -- to integrate into the old spreadsheet.

For example, many, many of you wanted the ability to not just pick winners and losers, but to pick against the spread. Done. This is now an option on the all new Settings tab. Selecting this option will un-grey-out a new row where you input each game's favorite and point spread, which is then taken in to account when determining correct picks.

Similarly, lots of you have requested support for a Confidence Points system -- so not all games counted for the same amount of points if picked correctly. Not only this, but some of you wanted a traditional "1-X" system where you assigned 1 point to a game, 2 points to another, 3 to another, all the way up to 16 or however many games there are to pick that week. Others wanted a "Pool of Points" system wherein you start with a defined pool of points that you must spread across all of that weeks games as you see fit. I've added support for both. Enabling Confidence points of either type will un-grey-out new columns next to each participants picks in which to input their confidence points, which are then taken into account when calculating overall weekly points.

Also, lots of you wanted more capacity for participants. 100 wasn't enough. I've upped it to 300. I could keep adding more capacity, but it comes at a file size trade-off. I'm already up to over 3 MB now!

I did a few other things, too, like cleaning up and exposing the Schedule tab. Many of you have expressed interest in a college football pick 'em. Well, just un-protect (it's not password protected) and change that Schedule tab to whichever games you like. I also fixed the often reported bug with the sorting buttons. Those should work now. Finally, one this I didn't do this year is create the companion "picks" version of the sheet. No one ever really said it was that helpful, and it was just something else to maintain. If you need a way to have your participants easily send you their picks, they can just use the same file -- sorry again, about that 3 MB file size.

Without further ado, here's the file: 2015-16_NFL_Weekly_Football_Pool.xlsm

More than a handful of folks, as they were pinging, pestering, checking-in with me offered to pay me or donate to me for the sheet. This, like the college bowl pool sheet I do, I do for free. That said, if you are so compelled to contribute to my son's college saving plan, feel free to PayPal me whatever you like. PayPal just recently launched this great new feature called that makes it really easy to request any amount:





Really you just have to change that dollar amount in the URL --

Anyways...please enjoy this year's NFL Pick 'Em. If you encounter a bug or need help with using the sheet, let me know.