Monday, December 09, 2013

The 2013-14 College Football Bowl Pool Spreadsheet is here!

Sorry it took me a bit longer than normal to get this out. I usually stay up on Bowl Selection Sunday and get this delivered.

This year, thankfully, there were no material changes to the bowl game line-up. We still have 35 games. Three of the games did get new sponsors, though:

  • The former MAACO Bowl Las Vegas becomes the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl.
  • The former Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl becomes the National University Holiday Bowl.
  • The former Discover BCS National Champtionship becomes the VIZIO BCS National Championship.
As usual there are two files. The first is the "Summary" -- this is the one that pool organizers use to track how everyone's picks are doing vs. actual results. the second is the "Entry Form" -- this is the file that pool organizers send to their participants for them to make their picks and send it back. Pool organizers, remember to use Copy - Paste Special... Values when copy-pasting people's picks in to the Summary.

Here are your files:


UPDATED: I received feedback from a number of you today that my NOT initially including the traditional picks and points for me (Excel_Geek) and my wife (Mrs. Excel_Geek) and the recently added Excel_Geek Jr. was UNACCEPTABLE. It turns out many of you like to gauge how you're doing by comparing your picks to ours. Also, some of you apparently find it funny that I rarely do better than my wife (or even last year my son.)

The Summary form now has all three of our picks and points included. Do please enjoy!