Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get Your 2010 March Madness Pool Manager Here!

Alright, folks. It's done. And, as I've been telling's going to be absolutely free this year. Here's how it'll work: the "Master Bracket" file -- the one you use as the pool manager -- still requires you to input and submit a "key code" to unlock the file for use. I've pre-filled this in for you. You'll simply need to click "submit" and accept the terms of use to begin using the file. You'll notice that the file will be open for use until May 1st of this year. (Hey, if I even want to think about ever charging for this again, I can't simply give away all the goods, right?)

The "Standard Bracket" is the file that others in your pool will use to make their picks and track their own progress.

Now, I'm not going to be available to help people with technical difficulties this year (part of the reason I'm giving it away for free this year), so let me tell you the most common reason people have trouble using the file. They don't have macros enabled in Excel. If this happens to you, simply go to Tools --> Macro --> Security... and make sure your security level is set to Medium or Low. I'd recommend Medium, as it will always prompt you to enable macros upon opening a file with macros embedded. Once you've done this, close the file and then reopen the file. You should be prompted to enable macros.

Here are the files:

March Madness Master Bracket by Excel_Geek v.2010a.xls

March Madness Standard Bracket by Excel_Geek v.2010a.xls


Monday, March 08, 2010

2010 March Madness Pool Spreadsheet Coming Soon

Yes. I will be doing a March Madness Pool Spreadsheet this year, just like last year's with one exception: this year's will be free! I'll still have some lock-down on the file, though.

It should be ready after all the selections are made this Sunday.