Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 March Madness Bracket -- can you wait a week?

Beloved readers,

You've loyally come back to ExcelGeek.com year after year to get what's become probably my most widely circulated spreadsheets -- the March Madness brackets.

I have bad news, folks. Well, bad news for you, mostly. You see, I'll be -- shall we say -- unable to connect to the Internet due to being unplugged in a beautiful place over Selection Sunday this year. I won't be staying up late that Sunday, adding in this year's teams and accounting for the NCAA's maddening random placement of the so-called play-in games to deliver you a fresh, clean, all-ready-to-go set of spreadsheets.

I'm sorry.

I'll be back, though, and I do plan to deliver my files, albeit only after some games will have been played, however. So....if you'd like to have your pool participants deliver their picks to you in some other format, and then have them resubmit later, once you've got my handy files, I will have them posted when I'm back.

Again, many apologies for my untimely absence from the Internet.