Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014-15 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

For those of you who've been eagerly anticipating this year's rendition of my NFL Pick 'Em Pool, it's ready to roll!

I've baked in a few notable enhancements:

  • I've rearranged some things to make it easier to copy-paste from the picks area of the sheet or to select large ranges and delete to clear out picks. Before I had some hidden and protected columns in between each of the game columns that made this not possible.
  • I added in conditional formatting that automatically formats the top Home and Visitor team cells to match the team colors of the teams. Snazzy! I got this idea from a past user of my spreadsheet who'd implemented the color schemes himself, though not with the conditional formatting.
  • I've also included a companion worksheet to the one that the pool administrators will use -- one that participants can simply pick the week, and then make their picks, and then send them to the administrator, who can now copy and paste them easily into the "master" sheet.
Here are links to the two files:

Pool Administrator "Master" sheet

Pool Participant "Weekly Picks" sheet

Enjoy everyone!