Monday, March 07, 2005

What is this all about?

I am the Excel_Geek. I’ll use Excel to do just about anything.

Need something done in Excel, but don't have a clue how? I'll do it for $50.

Crazy, eh?

I've done Excel projects worth thousands, so why only $50?

1. The challenge.

2. It builds my library of "already done that" solutions.

3. It's fifty bucks. Got $50? <<click & submit a project>>


Anonymous said...

Are you affiliated with or are you not connected?

Excel_Geek said...

Nope. That's someone else. I like his site design, though. Lacking some content, but the styling is very nice.

christal said...

shot you an email from my yahoo account on a workgroup I Hope you can help me on.Did not get a reply from my first email.Let me know if your available.


ExcelFIX said...

Good blog! It is really useful to novice users and expert users. Go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have a spreadsheet that has the ability to show the picks for all 16 games? We have a 25 square pool where each week each player gets 2 numbers across the top and 2 numbers down the side with a couple different chances based on that to win. We pick the numbers up front for all 16 games, and instead of having 16 different weeks sheets it would be great to have a one pager with all the names and numbers for each week.

email me at : if you have one or could create

Excel_Geek said...

@strobel.t: I'm not really sure I follow exactly how your pool runs. Feel free to email me -- ehunzeker [at] gmail -- to provide more details if you like. I'm sure I don't have what you're envisioning, but it's something I could create probably with a bit more info.

Howie Brigance said...

Are you doing March Madness this year?

Excel_Geek said...

@Howie, sorry, I hadn't planned to. I'm just a bit slammed with other stuff at this point.

GInny said...

will you be posting the college bowl pick ems?

GInny said...

will you be posting college bowl pick ems