Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Google Search Results Page Parsing Code BIG in Russia?

Here's an interesting little tidbit: That Google search page parsing code I posted about way back apparently was a hot topic in Russia! Wow.

Anatoliy Alizar wrote an article on in which he said this about me...

"Generally, the amateurs of program Excel already wrote considerable code for processing of results of Google. Recently one of them published the special the parser, which is processed HTML- page with the results of search Google imports list URL into the cells of sheet Excel. This parser is completely suitable as the basic element for the set of useful macros."

"...amateurs of program Excel..." Indeed, I've been revealed as a fraud! Ha! Seriously, though, I'll humbly confess that "amateur" is likely closer than "expert."

Basically, Anatoliy is holding me out as an example of stuff programmers can do with Google even without subscribing to and using their available APIs. Fair enough... His article has been picked up by many other Russian blogs and websites, so he must have some credibility on this sort of subject matter.

After realizing (through Google Analytics) that considerable traffic was flowing from Russia (man, I love their geo targeting fatures!), I found a nice little website/text translator that handles Russian: Babel Fish, which I've used loyally for years, claims to do the same, but it errored out on me every time I tried to translate Russian websites to English.

So, to my new-found Russian readers, "Добро пожаловать к Excel_Geek."

взгляд на русском языке.

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