Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm slammed -- World Wide Call for Excel_Geek Contributors

I'd like to apologize, especially to my Excel_Geek Blog_Mail subscribers, for lack of any posts lately. I must confess that I am simply overwhelmed with requests for projects. I've gotten more $50 Projects, and I'll do my best to post about them soon, but lately I've been swamped with "Private Projects" (the ones where people pay $50 per hour rather than a flat $50 in exchange for me not posting about their project on this blog). These projects (in addition to my "real job") has me overwhelmed.

That said, here's what I'd like to pose to the world of other Excel geeks: If you'd like to keep your skills sharp AND learn even more about VBA and Excel AND earn $40 on "flat fee" projects or $40/hour on "private projects (me keeping the difference between $50 and $40), shoot me an email.

I may issue an official policy statement on this program at some time in the future, but for now, this post shall serve as my policy:

This arrangement will be straight broker-type arrangement, me serving as the broker. Project requesters will not know whether it's me or a contributor performing their projects, and the contributors will not know the requesters of the projects. I'll pass project specifications on to contributors, and they'll pass completed projects back to me. Once I'm paid for the project, I'll pass along 80% of the proceeds to the contributor. In terms of which contributor gets to perform each project requested (in the case where several may wish to handle a project), I'll email all contributors with the type (flat fee or hourly rate), specifications, and any stated deadline of each requested project that I do not wish to/have time to/am able to handle myself. Then I'll ask any contributor interested to let me know (via email) of their interest and projected completion date and time (their "bid" let's say). I'd accept these "bids" for 24 hours (unless specifically stated otherwise, say, for ultra-urgent projects). Then the contributor with the fastest projected completion date and time would get the project, and I'd send a confirmation of their assignment of the project via email, as well as let all non-winning bidders know that they are not being assigned the project. In the event of a tie (the same project completion date and time), I'd give the project to the contributor with the better track record of completing projects on time and meeting requester's specifications without revisions. In the event of a tie in "track record" I'll assign the project to the contributor who emailed me first.

What do you think? Who wants to be an Excel_Geek, too?

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