Thursday, February 08, 2007

Comparing Phrases - Google Adwords Application

I just completed a $50 Project for a client who wished to compare a list of phrases to see if they appeared in another list, only the thing was it didn't matter what order the words in the phrases were.

So...if the phrase "big boy eats cake" was in the second list, "boy eats big cake" would result in a match. What is important is that both phrases contain exactly the same more no less, but the order is irrelevant. I believe the application for this type of function was to make sure that a list of keyword phrases, say for a Google Adwords campaign, didn't contain any phrases that would be "duplicates" for that purpose.

Using formulas to parse out the individual words in the phrases and a little bit of VBA code, I think I've come up with a simple-ish solution to this little problem.



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