Friday, October 26, 2007 blog updates look!

Did you notice? If you didn't, you should get your eyes checked or drink more Redbull.

I stayed up late the other night and completely redesigned the blog! Well, actually, the reason I did it was to have one of the new(er), fancy XML Blogger templates, as opposed to the old(er) HTML templates, so I could have access to a host of better administrative features.

I started with "Rounders 2" (by Douglas Bowman,, but significantly modified it, changing colors to be more reminiscent of the old look (see here).

I uncluttered it significantly, added in a fancy label cloud (thanks to phydeaux3), and even made it so that viewers can hide the Meebome Chat window if they're moderately (or more) annoyed by it (thanks to Craiggers for withstanding my numerous idiotic javascript questions).

Anywho...hope you like it.

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