Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pie Chart Style Status Icons

Today a visitor stopped by the blog and sent me this message via my MeeboMe chat window:

[14:40] meeboguest######: I'm trying to insert a 4 section circle icon that is shaded in different ways. I'm using it to track progress on different projects. So I need a total of five different icons. completely unshaded, 1/4 shaded, 1/2 shaded, 3/4 shaded, and 4/4 shaded. where do i find these icons?

Sadly, I was away from my computer at the time. Here's my suggestion anyway:

I don't know of a good set, but these are nice to have for your dashboards and status reports. I say just create your own. Here's a simple set I created in 5 minutes using Microsoft Paint. I'm sure others among you are far more creative, so feel free to comment and share your icon collections.

Combine these images with my post on Pulling Images in Excel, and you could have a pretty slick status report. Be sure to remember the work-around when using Excel 2007.



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Ezra said...

They're called Harvey Balls -- try this: http://www.ambor.com/public/hb/harveyballs.html