Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wait until this evening to download this year's March Madness spreadsheet

In an effort to try to stem the many emails, instant messages, etc., that I'll get today as people are looking for this year's version of the March Madness Spreadsheet, let me just say this:

After all of the tournament selections have been made, and the bracket has been laid out by the Selection Committee, I'll post the two spreadsheets -- one for individual participants and the other for pool organizers. That will be late this evening.

For those of you who've decided to pay the $2.00 in advance, you'll still have to wait for the files to be posted. I plan to email you, if you've paid in advance, when the files are available. Then, when you open the "master" spreadsheet (supposing you've got your macros properly enabled), you be given a "lock code". Send this to me via email (address you may already know, but if not, it's provided in the file), and I'll send you back the associated "key code" to give you access to the content of the file.

Now...back to updating those files...

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