Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bowl Season Wrap-Up

Well, another college bowl season is in the books. For those of you keeping score, Mrs. Excel_Geek beat Excel_Geek for the third straight year (or so). And in a nail-biter, new-comer Excel_Geek Jr. matched his daddy for the number of correct picks, but was narrowly edged out by 8 confidence points. So you know, I picked for the little guy, using the =RANDBETWEEN() function and the =RAND() function -- maybe I'll do a post describing how to do that -- to make his picks completely randomly. That's right. My own, well-thought-out, analyzed, expert picks did only very slightly better than completely random picks and point assignments. Oh well...back to the drawing board. See you all next bowl season!



Oh, almost forgot some traffic stats: the 2011-12 Bowl Season (12/3/11 - 1/9/12) increased ExcelGeek.com website traffic by nearly 3.9x the average daily site traffic for the year leading up to it, whereas the 2010-11 Bowl Season (12/4/10 - 1/10/11) increased traffic by (only) nearly 3.4x. 2011-12's peak 20-day moving average traffic day (12/23/11) was nearly 44% higher than that from 2010-11 (12/24/10). The single day peak from 2011-21 (12/5/11) was 72.8% higher than the single day peak in 2010-11 (12/6/10). Overall...a great year.

Next up...March Madness!


Anonymous said...

did you get a chance to post a Random formula tutorial?

Excel_Geek said...

I haven't yet. I take it you'd be interested. What do you really want to know? Have a specific use in mind?