Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Excited for March Madness 2013? An Appetizer

Looking for 2014 brackets? Check here.

Hey folks! Are you getting excited for March Madness 2013? You know I am. Many of you know that besides college football bowl season, March Madness is the biggest event for each year.

This year will be a like year's past. Once Selection Sunday is over, I'll post this year's bracket files. I'll also be using the same online file registration process as last year. That really worked well. If you don't remember it, how it works is that once you've downloaded the Master bracket file (the one pool organizers use to manage the pool) and open it (with macros enabled) it provides a Lock Code. When you submit payment of $2.00 via PayPal, you'll have a place to type or copy-paste in that code. You'll then be provided with a Key Code. With that key code you'll unlock all the wonder that is the March Madness Master bracket file.

Awesome, right?

So...what are you supposed to do between now and this coming Sunday night? Well, I just recently created a different kind of March Madness pool sheet for a client. It's a whole different animal than the typical bracket challenge type pool that I've done in the past. It uses a 10x10 grid format where the top axis of the matrix corresponds to the last digit of the winning team's score at the end of regulation and the left axis corresponds to the losing team's score at the end of regulation. Participants are assigned, randomly, the number of squares in the grid that they've purchased/earned/were given. Then the numbers along the top and left sides are randomly sorted. Having the correct square for each game awards that participant an increasing number of points or money from round to round. It's a pretty cool arrangement. It keeps everyone interested all the way through, even if your pickem' teams have long been beat out.

I believe this client is still rounding up participants for the pool. If you're interested, let me know and I'll pass along his email address.

Excel_Geek Insiders Subscribers, I'll send along a copy of that file.



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