Monday, August 27, 2018

2018-19 NFL Pick 'Em Pool Files Are Ready

Folks, I've completed and released this season's NFL Pick 'Em pool. Like past years, many of you have been diligently pestering me for a few weeks now. The good news was that we don't (yet) have any new team names/cities to deal with this year. Maybe next year? The bad news (for me) was that decided to significantly change how they display completed games, so I had to rewrite much of my automatic score updating code. Oh well, I believe it's ready to go now. As always, if we get into the season, and something doesn't seem to be working right, just let me know. Like years past, I have created a companion "Picks" sheet to distribute to pool participants, so they can simply email back the file for the admins to copy-paste into the master sheet. Just remember to always copy, paste special... values when moving their picks into the master sheet, so as to not jack up formatting or other stuff.

Without further ado, here are the files:

As also happens each year, several folks, as they were pinging, pestering, checking-in with me offered to pay me or donate to me for the sheet. I remind them that this, like the college bowl pool sheet I do, I do for free. That said, if you just _have to_ do something for me for my efforts, feel free to PayPal me whatever you like:

$5.00     $10.00     $25.00     $50.00

Really you just have to change that dollar amount in the URL --

Anyways...please enjoy this year's NFL Pick 'Em. If you encounter a bug or need help with using the sheet, let me know.




Anonymous said...

Are you doing a college football pick em this year like last year. I sure hope so.

Packer Girl in MN said...

Thanks a ton for doing the leg (and brain) work on these great NFL pool files year after year! It would take me a decade to accomplish this! :) Kudos and thanks!

Unknown said...

Hello sir,

This is my first time managing a pick 'em pool, and in my search of the web I stumbled on to your extremely useful tool here!! Thank you for this! My question for you, how do I use it?

I have loaded all of my participants and their picks with confidence points.

What all do I need to do in order to manage it? Or will winner automatically populate in the winner Column? And do the formulas associate and add up correct winners and points??

Thank you for your time sir, I just want to make sure that I am using this file to its fullest potential.

Excel_Geek said...

@Unknown, yep. When you click the update scores button on each week's tab, it'll pull in the scores and calculate everything out. If you want to see how those formulas work, feel free to unprotected a tab and look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this together! When I try to update the scores though, this is the error I get "Run-time error'-2147012889 (80072ee7)' :

The server name or address could not be resolved.

Hitting debt takes me to objHTTP.send ("")

Any suggestions on how to fix it?


Excel_Geek said...

@Anonymous RE: Run-time error...
Shoot me an email at ehunzeker [a t ] g m a i l [dot] com with a screen shot of what you see when you click "debug" when you see that error and I'll try to help you figure this out.

Anonymous said...

just sent it, let me know if you don't get it. Thanks!