Thursday, September 29, 2005

New $50 Project - convert Word form into Excel

Thanks to John (from Texas) for his recent submission of a project.

John wants me to convert a business form that he had in Word into a form with automatically calculating fields in Excel. I busted it out pretty quick last night (and did a damn fine job, if I do say so myself, mirroring the layout, style, fonts, etc.) but have a few questions for John regarding the specifics of the calculations, etc., before I can complete it.

Man, it's been so long since Finance class for me...

The thing that is (still) boggling my mind is how to calculate the payment amount on a loan that has annual simple interest compounded monthly, if there are monthly (easy), annual (easy), quarterly (huh?), and semi-annual (huh?) payment plans. Anyone?

Anyway, I'm still trying to get back to do some fine-tuning for John (from Canada) on his golf league sheet, too...and the projects keep coming in. Don't think that I can't handle them, though. I'll get all the sleep I need when I'm dead!



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