Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Update on the Excel Dashboard Kit - Quantity Discounts for companies

I just got a note from Charley Kyd over at ExcelUser, and they're rolling out a new quantity discount program, so that companies can get ahold of the kits for multiple users, and save substantially. Here's what she wrote:

"The Excel Dashboard Kit is licensed to a single user, not to an entire company. I recently received a request from a lady who wanted to purchase a quantity of kits. Here is the discount schedule I gave her:

Units Discount
2 = 20%
6 = 30%
10 = 40%
300 = 50%
500+ = 55%

These are approximiateldy the discounts that book publishers offer, except that they are slightly more generous for small quantities."

If your company is thinking about implementing a dashboard reporting system (or beefing up the one you have), be sure to check out Charley's prouducts.

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