Friday, October 14, 2005

Getting more requests for Excel dashboard-type solutions


I have recently be getting quite a few requests for Excel "dashboard"-type solutions -- New York Jan, Washington (State) Stewart, West Virginia Doug, most recently. That is, what people seem to want are quick, easy one or two page reports that quickly condense down the most important metrics that concern them -- be they sales figures, units sold, inventory counts, daily trading volume, etc.

I'll keep cranking these out as fast as I can, but I do feel obliged to tell you that my good friend Charley Kyd's Excel Dashboard Kit is available for $0.05 less than my $50 fee, and it incudes her 150-page e-book, Dashboard Reporting With Excel, all the files created for the book, many example dashboard reports, two workbook databases, which contain actual performance information for Microsoft and Wal-Mart, and her special "Postage Stamp" report that can display 110 charts on one printed page, which uses a well-documented macro that populates the report page.

Now, I realize that what makes my $50 Project service attractive to many people is that they don't want to have to spend hours submitting questions to user forums, waiting and hoping for someone to answer their question, hoping the answer is correct, and trying to decipher the instructions, etc. They simply have a problem that needs solved and they want it solved now. If they learn how the solution was created, that's merely a bonus. (For those of you who haven't requested a $50 Project and received the solution, I do include meticulous documentation, explanation, and instructions in my solutions.)

Realizing this, if you simply want a dashboard-type solution created for you, or if you would like a starting point from which you can learn, I'll happily do it for you for $50, but just know that you can buy Charley's kit for $49.95, and have all you need to create and modify all the dashboard reports you'll ever need.

Now I'm off to crank out some $50 projects. Keep 'em comin'!

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