Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update on Canada John's golf league project

I recently sent Canada John version 2 of his golf league score input system. Things added in were automatic point (individual and team) calculation based upon the league's rules, pars & handicaps of each hole, and handicap differentials of the two players pitted against each other.

I also added in a feature to automatically fill in the all-pars hole scores for the defualt "play against the course" player to reduce data entry.

Also, to reduce data entry, I added a schedule where John can specify on a week-by-week basis which teams are playing against each other and what they're starting holes are. Then, all John needs to do is set the week number and the starting hole, and the teams automatically fill in. Then he auto-populates each team and deletes moves players as needed, auto-fills in the "course" player (if needed), inputs the hole-by-hole scores, and submits the scores to be archived for use in calculcating individual and team points standings as well as maintaining up-to-date individual player handicaps based upon the gross scores.

I already have ideas for v 3.0: string together some macros to further stream line data entry -- e.g. "Submit scores + clear scores and player names + move to next hole + auto-populate teams" would save a few clicks. Also, I'd like to create the weekly summary page and overall standings pages that can be published to the web in the way John does is now.

All of this I'm doing in between the flow of other projects, many of which are too boring to mention...but they're still worth $50.

Who else has $50?

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