Monday, November 07, 2005

First Blog_Mail Subscriber - Secret Prize!

Hey, guess what? We've had our first subscriber to Excel_Geek's Blog_Mail service!

Thanks a bunch, Joseph. And's your secret prize:

1 free $50 Project! That's right, think of something you need done in Excel -- something that would have cost you $50 -- and I'll do it for FREE!


JoeOxfordCT said...

Thanks very much Eric !!

Haven't given much thought as to what I'd like to have done as I'm here to learn from you.....

I've been reading alot lately on the next version of Office, Office 12. It seems to me like Microsoft has put a real effort into this version and especially into Excel. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Office 12, Excel 12, and Excel's place in the grand scheme of "Business Intelligence".

Thanks !
I'll think on the $50 project too !!


Excel_Geek said...


Just let me know about the project when you think of one.

On the topic of Office 12, have you read what Charley Kyd has to say? She's a great resource on that subject, not to mention Excel "dashboard" reporting tools. Check out her free newsletter if you're not already a subscriber.

JoeOxfordCT said...

Thanks for the link to Charley's site. I downloaded her dashboard E-book yesterday and I am very excited to implement her ideas....Now I just have to create the time to do this : (
You referred to Charley as "she" ?
I poked around her site but couldn't find anything definitive they identified her as a man or woman. I am always interested to hear how the female experts (whether in Excel or any other topic) tackle a problem as sometimes they take a different approach to a problem than I might otherwise think of. I was reading about all the "Cell Masters" from Colo's Junk Room site, and it was interesting to learn of all the experiences & opinions of the various masters and how they got to where they are.