Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Google Analytics Update

Hey all,

Thought I'd drop a post today to give an update on my recent implementation (copy-pasting a few lines of HTML into my template is "implementation" right?) of Google's Analytics service. Here's what I've found:

Google was (apparently) ill-prepared for the swarm of customers they'd receive, as I believe they've now shut off new applications for Analytics, and the time frames they specify it should take to begin receiving data were about 1/8 of the actual time (12 hours vs. 4 days, which is how long it took me to begin receiving data consistently.

That said, the tool is wonderful. For those of you familiar with Urhcin, we've got pretty much the same thing here. I am particularly fond of the Geo Map Overlay feature (pictured below).

Whaddayaknow...the Excel_Geek is global!

All for now.


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