Monday, November 20, 2006

Good Bye Excel_Geek Blog_Mail, Hello Feedblitz

I'm about to do something risky...




Has anyone ever told you that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush?

For some time now I've offered this service called Excel_Geek Blog_Mail. It was simple: sometimes people would rather read my posts in their email than visit my blog, so I started offering to email subscribers my posts manually (actually using the "Email this post to a friend" feature built into Blogger). You see, atom feeds, XML, RSS, etc., tended to be complicated for many people (me too, I'll admit it). More complicated than many readers were willing to deal with simply to get an email (or equivalent) from little old me.

Over time, I've built up quite a following via Excel_Geek Blog_Mail. Some impressive loyalty, if I can compliment myself by complimenting my subscribers.

Now I'm going to change everything. Excel_Geek Blog_Mail is going away. It's simply too much work for me to do every time I post. I'm sorry. I appreciate all of you dearly, but for a solid hour after each post, I'm clicking and sending. Seriously.

But wait, don't leave. I'm now on Feedblitz, which I learned about through Feedburner. All you have to do to receive all of my posts automatically in your email is type your email address into the little box near the top of the left column of my blog and click the "Subscribe me!" button. Done. That's it. That's even easier than it was to sign up for Blog_Mail!

But what about current Blog_Mail subscribers? Herein lies the risk.

I certainly will not take the liberty with my precious subscribers' emails and sign them up for this myself without their permission. So...I'm asking you to visit my blog again ( and sign yourself up via Feedblitz if you want to continue to receive Excel_Geek in your email.

Oh, and if you're not already a Blog_Mail can sign up using Feedblitz anyway. ;)




Excel_Geek said...

Oh yeah, and that also includes my growing base of Excel_Geek Insiders subscribers who also get Blog_Mail as part of their paid subscription.

Ross said...

have you seen this it might help?
Receive Email notifications and RSS feeds]

although why not just have a mailing lists and copy the blog post in HTML?