Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bullseye Chart in Excel

The other day I got a $50 Project request from a guy who was analyzing shooting range results -- that's right, guns and stuff. Cool. Anyway...he couldn't figure out a nice, clean way to visually represent the results in scatter plot fashion. He had even started to mess around with various in-cell charting techniques to pull it off.

I decided that Excel's built-in XY scatter plot graph should be able to do the trick, but it took treating each data point as it's own series (so you can use the "shot number" as the data series name and place it in the data point), adding additional data series to "draw" the bullseye and concentric circles, and some other formatting tricks to pull it off. Here's what it looks like:

All in all, not bad, I'd say. Insiders subscribers, your file's on it's way.


Anonymous said...

Not bad.
Suggestion: Use a PNG or GIF image next time (not JPG) and it won't look fuzzy.

Excel_Geek said...

Thanks, Mr. Peltier. GIF is definitely better.

Rajan said...

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Rajan said...

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