Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pulling Images into Excel from Websites

You may recall a post I did just over a year ago about pulling images into Excel. That project involved pulling images from directories on your computer. I just completed another $50 Project where the client wanted to pull images into Excel from a website. Really the process was the same, except that this client is using Excel 2007, so I had to head Jonah's advice (see comment on that last project's post) and instead of directly pull the images using


I had to first draw an appropriately sized rectangle, move it to the appropriate cell, and "pull the image" by making it the background fill for that rectangle. Maybe someday Microsoft will fix this little idiosyncrasy in Excel 2007, but we'll not hold our breaths.

In the end it's a nice little file. Insiders, your file's on it's way.



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