Monday, February 21, 2011

2011 March Madness Bracket is coming soon

Mark your calendars, folks. March 13th is Selection Sunday. In what has now become a five year tradition, I'll be releasing the March Madness Bracket spreadsheet late that evening, once the picks are known.

In years past I've charged $3 for the "Master" version of the sheet -- the one for the organizer of your office pools, etc. I used the opportunity to showcase (read: show off) a system I've developed for locking down and protecting, then individually licensing access to my spreadsheets. I plan to keep it locked down (damn, right?), but I'm dropping the price for the Master Spreadsheet to $2. Once you pay via PayPal and send me the "Lock Code" given to you by the spreadsheet once you open it (and have your Macros enabled properly), I'll send you the "Key Code" to gain access.

Can't wait...


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