Thursday, February 03, 2011

Introducing Gadi, My First Contributor


I'd like to introduce you to Gadi Bizinyan.

Gadi is originally from Isreal, but is currently working in Bangkok, Thailand. Gadi's got a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration and really got into Excel as part of that curriculum. His self-described specialties in Excel are creating dynamic databases, manipulating data, analyzing statistically and graphically, and financial analysis.

Something you may be surprised to learn is that Gadi's been helping me for some time now. Some $50 Projects and some Private Projects have been his handywork. Remember, I've got a full-time "real job" as Director of Sales for Stanley Healthcare Solutions, so I cannot dedicate nearly as much time to this overgrown hobby as I'd like. Gadi's helping me to continue to help people in need and do some neat projects. Gadi's also going to begin contributing posts to the blog, too. Please welcome him and pretend you like his stuff as much as mine. ;-)

Welcome aboard, Gadi!

1 comment:

Gadi said...

Eric, thanks for the introduction, I've just posted my first post.