Monday, December 20, 2021

2021-22 College Bowl Pool Summary File is Ready!

Ok, everybody! The summary file is ready.

Without further ado...the files:

If you have any trouble getting the download links to work, try a couple of things: 1) try opening the link in an icognito tab, 2) try using a different browswer, 3) try right-clicking and opening in a new tab or "saving as...". Honestly, I don't fully understand the underlying issue with Chrome and these download links.
For those unfamiliar with the two-file system, the idea is that pool managers can distribute the simple, single person Entry Form version to those in their pool to make their picks and assign confidence points. The participants them email back that file, and the manager can simply copy, paste special... values those picks and points into the Summary file -- once I've got that posted -- which is where they manage everything.

As always, the file is protected, but not with a password, so feel free to unprotect the workbook and then unhide some of the sheets running this stuff behind the scenes to see how it works. And if you add some cool hacks/additions, pass them along, so we can all enjoy them.

We'll see if we can make it through the entire bowl season without changes, cancellations, etc.

Finally, as also always happens each year, several folks, as they were pinging, pestering, checking-in with me offered to pay me or donate to me for the sheets. This, like the NFL pick 'em sheet I do, I do for free as a labor of love. That said, if you are so compelled, feel free to PayPal me whatever you like, and I'll put these donations towards website hosting fees:

$5.00     $10.00     $25.00     $50.00

Really you just have to change that dollar amount in the URL --

Enjoy, everyone!


Unknown said...

I unprotected the sheet but I can't hide columns or change the fill color

Kyle said...

Do you have an ETA on the 2022-23 version for College Bowl Pool?

Kendall said...

Will you be putting out a sheet for the 2023-2024 College Bowl Pool? We missed it last year!

Lee Jacobson said...

Don’t let us down. My refresh button looking for 2023-24 bowl pool is wearing out!