Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Solution for 1024 Character per Cell Display Problem

Remember back in January when Mike requested a solution for Excel's (pre-Excel 12) 1,024 character per cell display problem? I worked something up for him, but as part of the solution, I inserted new rows and merged cells. Another person let me know that this caused a problem if the cell was part of a table that one wanted to sort.

So...I went to work on a better solution, and I think what I've produced is far superior, though could still be taken further.

Essentially, what I've written checks each cell in a selection to see if it has more than 1024 characters. If it does, it then automatically places line feed characters -- chr(10) in VB -- at the end of each line based upon an approximate number of characters that should fit on each line (only in Arial 10 regular font). It was a bit tricky figuring out how to determine the end of each line -- it could be looking for a space near the approximate end based upon the width of the cell, or a line feed character somewhere before that point.

In the end, it works well. Some possibilities for enhancements? Well, it could be improved to work with any size, name, and style of font. This one converts affected cells to Arial 10 Regular font, which is typically the default font for Excel anyway.

I think those of you who've signed up for my Excel_Geek Insiders service will enjoy it. Just let me know if you need help "strapping" the code on to an existing file you've got. If you haven't already subscribed, you might think about doing so. It's only $39.95 per year, and you get copies of all the file I produce for $50 Project requestors, as well as a few other projects, like this one, that I simply feel like doing.

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