Friday, August 04, 2006

Manage Google Adwords from Excel

Recently Kelly requested that I build, using Excel, VBA, and the Google Adwords API, a simple means for him/her to manage his/her Adwords account from a spreadsheet. I love the concept, especially for people/businesses that create a long list of ads to manage over time. Basically, the idea is to be able to create and activate new ads, edit existing ads, delete or deactivate ads, etc. from within Excel. Very doable, methinks.

Now, I've not done any projects using the Adwords API, and I'm a bit overloaded on some other projects right now, so I pushed this project out to my vast team international Excel_Geek Contributors. Both very capable, but neither has chosen to tackle this particular project.

So...anyone else in the world know how to do this/want to try to do it? Please, become an Excel_Geek Contributor today!

Kelly, if no one out there is willing to step up and help out with this, I'll get to it, but it won't be tomorrow...or next week...but I do want to do this type of work. I might even use it myself.


BTW, thank you everyone for your overwhelming response to my new Meebo Me chat feature I installed yesterday. I'll stay signed in as often as possible to help you all with those quick little "How do I (blank) in Excel?" questions that always pop up.


Unknown said...

any news on this? i like the idea..

Unknown said...

any progress on this? I love the idea...

Excel_Geek said...

Not much. There does seem to be a subset of Adwords users who'd like this sort of thing...(Google are you listening?)

Anonymous said...

Hi david,
saw this old post and it seems quite interesting.
are you still interested in it?

let me know to my gmail, thanks - dekel3000