Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Database Project - Web Statistics

Just today I (we, actually) wrapped up a project that WASN'T in Excel. How about that?

A request came in from S _ _ _ _ _ _ , who manages around 1,000 domains. Each month he receives a .DAT file with various statistics for each domain. These files can regularly exceed 5,000 to 10,000 rows of data, so until Excel 12 is in more widespread use, MS Access seemed like the best place for this to live.

I pushed this project out to my growing list of Contributors, and had an immediate taker -- a guy with an extensive database background already. My Contributor turned around the project very fast, complete with functionality to browse for and automatically import the .DAT files, as well as several pre-built simple and crosstab queries. Even better, this Contributor put together a quick instructional sheet illustrated with various screen shots, etc. Nice.

I guess I know where to send off all new incoming database projects, eh?

Seriously, though, thank you S _ _ _ _ _ _ for the project, and thank you Contributor for your quick, comprehensive approach.


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